Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Grinder



The Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Grinder is handmade specifically for bringing your pipe sessions to the next level. This item, meticulously crafted and refined by Santa Cruz, is a must-have.


Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Grinder’s high output, robust design, and unmatched performance make it a really high-quality grinder. Absolutely worthy to be added to your pipe set without any doubt. Check out our online headshop to place your order at the best price.

Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Grinder Features and Specifications:

• Medical grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum
• Unique threading pattern, friction ring, and textured grip
• Top-quality rare earth magnet in lid
• Innovative Patented Tooth Design

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Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Matte Black, Orange, Pink, Purple, Rasta, Red, Silver, Teal


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Santa Cruz Shredder


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