Sutra DBR Pro Portable E-Nail Kit



The Sutra DBR Pro Portable E-Nail Kit is the most practical option since it provides reliable supply and top-notch performance without sacrificing portability. Despite its small size and lightweight construction, you will be blown away by its incredible performance. But the device’s functions are only an added bonus to utilizing such a great gadget.

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Sutra Vape’s Sutra DBR Pro Portable E-Nail Kit is more portable and convenient for vaporizing concentrates and essential oils than larger units. The DBR is compact without compromising any components that allow for a perfect vapor payout, and it comes with four different nails and a rechargeable battery. The digital control panel allows for quick and easy temperature choices. Every hit from the DBR will be pure and delicious thanks to the included water filtering technology. Order from our online headshop with a single button click in a couple of seconds.


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