7″ Tsunami Concentrate Rig Shower Head



The Tsunami Concentrate Rig Shower Head 7″ is a must-have for every smoker’s collection. This unmatched item ensures you will have the most fabulous fun throughout your individual and group sessions. Check out our online headshop to place your order at the best price!

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It’s always a pleasure to experience Tsunami products, and these brand-new dab rigs are no exception! So, without further ado, go to Olofly and purchase this masterpiece, “Tsunami Concentrate Rig Shower Head 7”. This rig screams for dabs with its thick base, linked showerhead diffuser, apple shape, and built-in drip catch. Moreover, it includes a 90′ thermal banger.

The Tsunami Concentrate Rig Shower Head 7″ Features and Specifications:

• Multiple Color Options

• Bent Neck

• Bubble/Apple Shape

• Fully-Connected Showerhead DIffuser

• Drip Catch

• 14mm Male Thermal Banger

• 7″ Height

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Amber, Blue, Green


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