16″ Tsunami Dual Domed Matrix Dual Honeycomb Water Pipe

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The 16″ Tsunami Dual Domed Matrix Dual Honeycomb Water Pipe has a simple design but extensive filtration functions. You’ll get smooth and delectable hits that have been quadrupled-filtered thanks to two drum percolators and two honeycomb discs. As they climb to the top, puffs of smoke cool via the discs and percolators. Multiple perforations infuse the clouds with bubbling water along the way, resulting in a smooth inhalation regardless of how big your rip is. It has ice notches that will freeze even more for a crisp and refreshing buzz.

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Those individuals who desire bubbles on top of bubbles for their gigantic flower rips will find the 16″ Tsunami Dual Domed Matrix Dual Honeycomb to be an excellent choice. Prepare yourself for some of the most diverse options that are now available on the market. This bong features two matrix diffusers that are separated by twin honeycomb disc percs, making it the most impressive example of bubble stacking and filtering possible. Direct diffusers are the honeycomb disc and matrix at the bottom of the percolator, which are filled with water. Indirect percolators are the honeycomb disc and matrix at the top of the percolator, which works by using the water from the direct diffusers. Included in the package is a flower dish. Hurry up to order from our online headshop!




Tsunami Glass


Clear Amber, Clear Green

Product Type

Bong and Water Pipe


Borosilicate Glass

Percolator Type

Dual Domed

Base Type

Dual Domed Matrix, Dual Honeycomb

Tube Type



  1. Zainab Urbina (verified owner)

    not a bad one, it works okay for me en my friends

  2. Jay Dodson (verified owner)

    clean hits that are easy on the throat. FINALLY

  3. Cayden Lovett (verified owner)

    unbeatable filtration and an amazing visual show. this is what perfectly describes this water pipe!!!!!!

  4. Vanessa Wells (verified owner)

    A true masterpiece. The glass quality, design, and performance make it a standout piece in any collection.

  5. Chana Zimmer (verified owner)

    The 16″ height of this water pipe is impressive, and so is the smoking experience. A perfect size for me

  6. Ezequiel Burris (verified owner)

    I’m blown away by the performance of this water pipe. The filtration provided by the dual domed matrix and honeycomb percolators makes every hit a delightful experience

  7. Branden McCombs (verified owner)

    The combination of dual domed matrix and dual honeycomb percolators delivers unparalleled smoothness. This is LOVE


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