Tsunami Magnetic Dugout With Grinder



Tsunami Magnetic Dugout With Grinder is perfectly made and designed for those who won’t hesitate to cherish taking a smooth hit without worrying about any mess, thanks to its portable construction, including a magnetic dugout with a built-in grinder.

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The Tsunami Magnetic Dugout With Grinder is ready to become an undividable “travel buddy” device for your smoking journey. It is designed with a lightweight and portable aluminum dugout system, including a grinder, one-hitter, herb storage, and ashtray. The grinder aims to make loading for you quicker and more convenient. On the other hand, magnetic closures on both the lid and the grinder keep all contents safely inside while preventing smells from escaping. That means you won’t have to deal with any difficulty or mess anymore. Check out our online headshop to place your order at the best price.

Tsunami Magnetic Dugout With Grinder Features and Specifications:

• Durable Aluminum Construction
• 4-in-1 (grinder, storage, ashtray, one-hitter)
• Strong Magnetic Lid
• Perfectly designed for traveling
• With Mini Grinder
• One hitter with a serrated tip
• Easy to Clean
• Lifetime Warranty

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