16″ Tsunami Showerhead Jelly Fish Water Pipe



Tsunami Showerhead Jelly Fish Water Pipe 16″ is ideal for anybody who adores stunningly beautiful pieces or wonderfully smooth rips. This masterpiece is truly breathtaking to watch and witness. The light shimmers and flickers through the clear glass, creating an unforgettable experience.

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Tsunami Showerhead Jelly Fish Water Pipe 16″s color scheme is enthralling to observe since the water flies about while bubbling and filtrating, resembling genuine jellyfish. It contains two layers of tentacle percs, as well as the diffuser and neck, with elaborate accenting marias above each part. The percolators provide a lovely bubbling effect similar to that of traditional tree perc, but the diffusers on the jellyfish are more flared out, allowing for more bubbles! Hurry up to order at the best price from our online headshop!

Tsunami Showerhead Jelly Fish Water Pipe 16″ Features and Specifications:

• Bowl size: 14mm male.

• Percolators: ShowerHead and Jellyfish.

• Material: Glass.

• Weight: 2 kg.

• Dimensions: 17cm x 51cm x 17cm.

• Color: clear.

• Height: 40cm.

• Bowl type: male 14 mm.

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