Tsunami Triple Honeycomb Turbine Water Pipe 18″


In terms of flower delivery tubes, the Tsunami Triple Honeycomb Turbine Water Pipe 18″ from Tsunami is the supreme ruler. This bong is perfect for those who like a massive amount of bubble diffusion. Thanks to its combination of four honeycomb percs and a turbine perc, this tube has the potential to deliver the smoothest dry herb hit on the market. Comes with a flower vase.

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The Tsunami Triple Honeycomb Turbine Water Pipe 18″ is simple with filtering functions and offers a remarkable, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Witness your rip pass through four honeycomb percolators, infusing it with bubbling water activity as it ascends to the turbine percolator, which is the last percolator. If you enjoy ultra-smooth, ultra-filtered hits, this pipe is for you. An additional ice pinch is used to chill the inhalation for a more pleasant experience. Do not miss the chance to order from our online headshop!

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