16″ Tsunami UFO Perc Water Pipe



Tsunami UFO Perc Water Pipe 16″ is one of the best water pipes out there in terms of design and function and an absolute must for anyone expecting top-notch quality. The UFO Perc bong will infuse your rips with a smooth cooling sensation, featuring a sleek design and an appealing aesthetic.

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Tsunami UFO Perc Water Pipe 16″ is just out of this planet regarding appearance and bubbling water motion. It is comprised of two honeycomb percs that form a bubble shape, producing a unique sensation. The chamber is vacant so that the function can occupy the space, and the top of the section is shortened to prohibit excess water. Extraordinarily enriching each inhalation and chilling the smoke as you watch it rise. Take a delectable inhalation via an ergonomically constructed rimmed mouthpiece on a stem with ornamental Maria’s or pressed glass ornaments. Check out our online headshop to place your order at the best price.

Tsunami UFO Perc Water Pipe 16″ Features and Specifications:

  • Fixed Downstem
  • High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • 18mm Male Bowl
  • Vortex Tunnel
  • One of a Kind UFO Percolator

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Blue, Clear Amber, Green


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