Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen

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Check out the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen, which boasts a built-in battery with 1700 mAh capacity, a chassis constructed entirely of stainless steel, and a coil-less quartz cup.

The Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen Includes:

• Preinstalled Quartz Balls Coil (QBC)

• Extra Terp Balls

• Pick Tools

• Lanyard and Hanging Ring

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The Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen includes a stainless steel chassis, making it resistant to minor drops while still being convenient to carry about. The Orbit Vaporizer Pen’s 1700 mAh battery ensures you’ll get enough vapor and taste from your preferred aromatherapy concentrates. The ORBIT Vaporizer Pen has three power settings between 3.4 and 4.0 volts and uses a coil-free quartz heating cup to filter out any secondary tastes in the vapor. The Orbit Vaporizer Pen uses terpene pearls and quartz pearls to agitate the concentrate, increasing the heating surface area and material. Hurry up to order this masterpiece from our online headshop with a simple button click.

1 X Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen 2 X Pick Tool 1 X Type-C Charging Cable 1 X Hanging Ring 1 X Lanyard 1 X User Manual Extra Quartz Balls Extra Seal Rings




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  1. Alesha Cameron (verified owner)

    Excellent dude! Here to order more. In so much love

  2. Lily-Mae Benjamin (verified owner)

    great a little buddy very comfy to carry

  3. Xavier Klein (verified owner)

    Easy to use, clean and battery lasts very long.

  4. Alexia Deleon (verified owner)

    Love this thing. Works fantastic. My new go to.

  5. Honor Savage (verified owner)

    Really love thiiis! Best portable concentrate vaporizer I’ve bought so far!

  6. Mikayla Barrett (verified owner)

    men only thing is that sometimes getting those terp balls to spin can be a bit tricky

  7. Wiktor Bullock (verified owner)

    This little guy is a beast! Rips like a champ! Cleaninn is a breeze… the quick charging is a lifesaver.

  8. Ewan Dunn (verified owner)

    Great hits and with fancy style!

  9. Keiran Buckley (verified owner)

    Man, I loved it so much that I went ahead and bought a second one! The battery life is impressive, and I’m diggin’ the new charger feature. I totally recommend it, no doubt about it!

  10. Derek Bernard (verified owner)

    excellent product men…i recommend going for the hottest setting, but also play around with the fire button to get those big clouds!

  11. Aurora Kim (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to clean.

  12. Ishaq Huber (verified owner)

    JUST AGAAAIN, another great Yocan product and A TRUE GAME-CHANGER!

  13. Johnathan Melendez (verified owner)

    this thing is awesome n almost perfect! only tiny minus is that it gets a bit hot after a couple of hits. but ya know what Ive found a perfect fix for that. Just gotta take it easy, maybe hit it only once or twice in 5 minutes, and let it cool down before going at it again.

  14. Mark Robertson (verified owner)

    The hits from this thing are out of this world! It does take a little practice to get the most out of it, but trust me, it’s totally worth it. Besides the Volcano, this is hands down the best device we’ve ever used.

  15. Wesley Barker (verified owner)

    Best vape device I have ever had. The concentrate don’t touch coils thats so great . Amazin battery life


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