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Elevate your rolling game with Zig Zag Cigarette Rolling Paper, available at Olofly, our online headshop. These iconic white booklets are a must-have for smoking enthusiasts who value quality and precision.

Featuring a thin glue line, each Zig-Zag paper ensures a flawless seal with every roll. Made from natural flax plant fibers, these papers deliver a smooth and even burn, allowing you to savor the full flavor of your smoke. The use of 100% natural Arabic gum derived from the African acacia tree guarantees a consistent seal without interfering with the taste of your chosen blend.

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With dimensions of 70mm x 38mm, each full box of Zig Zag Cigarette Rolling Paper contains 32 papers in each booklet. This generous supply ensures that you’ll always have enough papers for your smoking sessions. Experience the trusted craftsmanship of Zig-Zag and enjoy the convenience of ordering from Olofly, where we provide a seamless online shopping experience and fast shipping.

Elevate your rolling experience with Zig-Zag  Cigarette Rolling Papers. Order today from Olofly and discover these iconic papers’ perfect seal and exceptional quality. With our dedication to customer satisfaction and quick delivery, Olofly is your go-to destination for all your smoking needs. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the perfect smoke with Zig-Zag and Olofly.


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Zig Zag


70mm x 38mm



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Rolling Papers


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