Zippo Crazy Collage Design Windproof Lighter


The Zippo Crazy Collage Design Windproof Lighter features a unique crazy collage design from one of the brightest and most talented tattoo artists in the world. Made in the USA, this windproof lighter offers dependable performance even in extreme weather conditions – whether you’re at sea or on land.

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Every time you look at this magnificent 540-color dab torch, you’ll definitely find something – or someone – that you haven’t seen before! The Zippo Crazy Collage Design Windproof Lighter has a really entertaining design, which is inspired by tattoos, and features an entire cast of characters mingling and interacting with one another. It even incorporates your preferred brand name over the crown of the lighter. Included in the purchase is a gift box for presentation purposes. Zippo lighter fuel should be used for the best performance while refilling. Hurry up to order from our online headshop with a simple button click.


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