Stemless vs. Stemmed Bongs: Key Differences

Are you looking for a new bong and don’t know where to start? The many shapes, sizes, and designs can astonish even the most experienced smoker. Finally, we add stemmed and stemless bongs into the mix, and you’re left wondering which one to choose! Stemless vs. stemmed bongs: which is better?

Before we go deeper into functionalities and find out the stemless vs. stemmed bongs differences, you should know first what downstem is. A downstem is a tube-shaped glass that links the bowl and the main chamber. It aids in suction and produces smooth and potent hits. 

Now that we’ve established the importance of a downstem, it’s time to differentiate between stemmed and stemless bongs. Let’s jump right in!

Stemmed Bong

A stemmed bong is a beaker bong, which means it’s a staple among cannabis smokers. In this bong, the stem is removable and connects to the bowl. The stem base holds the water, and the other side lets you put the weed inside.

Stemless Bong

A stemless bong has a fixed stem, meaning it doesn’t require an additional downstem. Its length can vary up to 1/3 of the size of the bong. Attached to the end of the stemless bong is a percolator that aids in smoother hits. There are different stemmed bongs with various designs at a convenient online headshop

Stemless vs. Stemmed Bongs: Key Differences

Now that you know what stemmed and stemless bongs look like, it’s time for our guide to bongs to denote all that sets them apart.

Advantages of Stemmed Bong

Some bongs don’t have a carb; you must lift the herb bowl. With that, you release the smoke. If you don’t do it correctly and at the wrong angle, you risk breaking the joint. 

The advantage of the stemmed bong is that you can easily replace only the stem if you break it instead of purchasing a new bong entirely.

Disadvantages of Stemmed Bong

Although it sounds practical to replace the broken stem, it is essential to measure the length of the downstem.

If you don’t measure the length and at one point it breaks, then your blind experiment to buy a new one can cost you a lot which is a disadvantage for the stemmed bong.

Advantages of Stemless bong

The stemless bong has a simple design. Many users of stemless bongs find that there is a lesser drag because the stem is fixed and the connection is smooth. You also don’t have to worry yourself with keck clips and whether you’ll manage to keep them in place.

Disadvantages of Stemless Bong

Cleaning a stemless bong can be a challenge. Because you cannot disassemble it, you’ll have to reach all surfaces inside carefully. That, however, means you’ll have to risk breaking your bong. 

If the pathway gets clogged and is tricky to reach, you’ll have to replace the whole bong. You can easily break a stemless bong if you don’t lift the herb bowl correctly.

Which is Better?

Now that we’ve gone over the nitty-gritty of stemless vs. stemmed bongs, it’s time for you to decide your contender!

A stemmed bong gives more opportunities because you can switch percolators. In addition, it is cheaper to replace it if you break the stem. With a stemless bong, you get a modern design and streamlines that don’t allow forming air bubbles.

So either choose based on your preferences or try both—you won’t lose anything!

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