Wulf Next Review: A Compact Device for a Cheap Price!

The Wulf Next device by Wulf Mods has made a boom in the dry herb vaporizer market, luring users in with its compact size and convenience. It’s a portable vaporizer packed with features that allow you to soak up all the terpenes and generate giant clouds!

In this Wulf Next review, we’ll see why it’s favored by both beginners and passionate dry herb users. 



The Wulf Next vaporizer is a budget-friendly device with the build of a high-end system. It falls into the under $100 category with a median price of about $80. If you love sales, you can frequent an online headshop and wait for the piece to go for even less!

Ease of Use

Wulf Mods have taken user needs and requirements into account and made Wulf Next very easy to use. It’s a one-button operating system you can master within minutes!

The Wulf Next features:

  • Five Temperature Levels
  • Power Boost Mode
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece
  • 30-second Warmup
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Charge Indicator.

Press five times to activate the device and go through the set of five preset temperatures. It takes 30 seconds to heat, and the haptic feedback will alert you once the Wulf Next has reached the chosen temperature.

Another perk is the power boost feature that gradually heats the herb for 10 degrees every 5 seconds. It preserves all the terpenes in the herb to deliver untarnished flavors and smoother hits. This is a feature you’ll rarely find in devices within this price range!

The mouthpiece is made of plastic, but it’s magnetic and very user-friendly, with a screen that stops all the debris. 

The chamber stores 0.5 gr of herb. As with all other devices, the rule is to not pack it too tightly to get a good draw.

Everything is accessible and takes no effort to remove and polish with the two cleaning pieces that come with it.

Wulf Next is powered by a USB charging cable. It takes about an hour and a half for it to charge. You’ll know it’s good to go once the indicator flashes green. Also, it vibrates to signal that it goes into standby mode after 4 minutes of inactivity.


We can’t complete our Wulf Next vaporizer review without addressing its performance! There’s plenty to enjoy about the Wulf Next. The size makes it a very discreet and portable device convenient for outdoor use, and the price makes it a highly affordable choice.

Plus, it’s loaded with top features that ensure exceptional performance! Our favorite is the specially designed airway at the front of the mouthpiece that makes the draws even smoother and more massive.


Wulf Next is made of quality materials, including a metal oven and a magnetic mouthpiece. It comes in 6 colors with a sleek look and feel, and offers so much for a device in the lower price range.


In our Wulf Next review, we’ve made sure not to leave out any selling points that may seal the deal for you! From price to convenience and quality, this go-to vape does not disappoint. 

So, if you’re looking for a vaporizer with an uncomplicated interface and a compact size that can produce flavorful and dense clouds–you’ll find solace in the Wulf Next!

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