Xvape Vista Mini 2 Review: An Outline of Features and Benefits

Xvape Vista Mini 2 is a fun-to-use and wallet-friendly dabbing rig. It’s a small e-rig appealing to both newbies and experienced cannabis smokers. 

The device has an incredible heating system that can produce decent clouds within 5 to 10 seconds–talk about efficiency! It’s also one of the most portable-friendly vapes the cannabis market has ever seen. 

In this Xvape Vista Mini 2 review, we’ll dive into the main characteristics of this exquisitely small dabbing rig. We’ll also elaborate on some of the key advantages and drawbacks of the vape. 

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Xvape Vista Mini 2 has one the most elegant interfaces you’ll ever find at an online headshop. The firm 2-inch base has only one power button. Moreover, the rig has a glass mouthpiece and a plastic buckle with which you can fasten the vape before you start smoking. 

All in all, this e-rig is 6 inches tall. The vape also features a LED lighting system, which heats the water chamber according to the different temperature settings.

The LED lights also indicates how much battery you have left. For instance, a red light means your vape is almost empty, while green and white lights indicate your vape is partially or fully charged.


Xvape Vista Mini 2 is made from high-quality materials, including an aluminum body, glass mouthpiece, and an embedded quartz atomizer. 

Even though most rigs use a ceramic heating chamber, this e-rig uses a quartz atomizer that’s air-locked and doesn’t come apart. Not to mention the dab has a quality battery that can hold up to 25 smoking sessions!

The vapor quality is another perk of using the Xvape Vista Mini 2. The vaporizer has 4 temperature settings, and it produces juicy and dense hits even at the lowest 2. 


The vape has a stylish and exquisitely small design compared to other dab rigs on the cannabis market. Xvape Vista Mini 2 is elegant and has some fashionable engravings on the mouthpiece and the water chamber. 

The base is well-balanced and has an in-built charging port on the side. At the top of the vape sits a glass bubbler made of borosilicate glass. 

Moreover, the clever design ensures all the electronic components are fully protected from the water. This way, the Xvape Vista Mini 2’s design keeps you safe while you indulge in your smoking sessions. 


The Xvape Vista Mini 2 has a pretty convenient price tag. Depending on the online headshop, the price of this dab rig can range between $135 and $160. This is a fair price if we take into consideration all the features: wireless charging options, high-quality materials, intricate design, and vapor quality. 


Xvape Vista Mini 2 has four temperature settings. Each of them produces vapors with different densities. Furthermore, the LED lights incorporated into the device indicate which one of the temperature settings you’re using. 

Here are Xvape Vista Mini 2’s temperature settings:

  • White Light – 280 Celsius or 536 Fahrenheit
  • Green Light – 320 Celsius or 608 Fahrenheit
  • Blue Light – 350 Celsius or 662 Fahrenheit
  • Red Light – 400 Celsius or 752 Fahrenheit

If you want to heat your device, you should press the button once. And when you want to end the heating cycle, you should press the power button again–simple as that. 

XVape Vista Mini 2 Dab Rig

Battery Life

Xvape Vista Mini 2 has a high-quality internal battery that can last up to 25 smoking sessions. The battery capacity is 2000mAh, and you can charge it by using a wireless connection.

To charge your battery, you’ll just have to find a standard Qi wireless charger and wait 3 hours before for the battery to fully charge. Moreover, you can charge your vape using the micro-USB cable included in the Xvape Vista Mini 2 kit. The USB port is at the side of the base. 

The LED lights will also indicate the battery level. Once you see the red light, connect your device to the wireless or USB charger.

Xvape Vista Mini 3 different battery levels: 

  • White Light – 60% to 100%
  • Green Light – 20% to 60%
  • Red Light – 0% to 20%

Your battery lifecycle also depends on the different temperature settings. For instance, if you’ve set the temperature at 320 C or 608 F, your battery will probably last around 25 smoking sessions. On the other hand, if you’ve set the temperature at 400 C, your battery won’t last more than 15 smoking sessions.

Overall Experience

This Xvape Vista Mini 2 review highlighted all the main advantages of using this device. Some of the more intriguing ones are the high-powered battery, appealing LED lights, and the wireless charging option!

However, the Xvape Vista Mini 2 has its drawbacks, as well. Some of the major disadvantages are the underpowered hits at lower temperatures, the fragile bubbler, and the pricey coils. 

Nonetheless, Xvape Vista Mini 2 comes at a fair price for what you get. It produces a clean vapor, all the parts are replaceable, and it’s a breeze to maintain!


  1. How Long Does It Take to Recharge My Xvape Vista Mini 2?

The Xvape Vista Mini 2 will take around 3 hours to transition from empty to fully charged.

  1. Can I Use mMy Xvape Vista Mini 2 With Dry Weeds?

No, you can’t use dry herbs because the atomizer doesn’t offer dual functionality. You can only use dabbing concentrates to fill your Xvape Vista Mini 2.

  1. How Can I Clean My Xvape Vista Mini 2?

You can clean the device by slowly lifting the glass components from the base. Then, you can loosen the coil and use a q-tip or a cotton swab to rub off all the deposits.

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