10″ Clone Colored Mouthpiece Beaker Water Pipe by Diamond Glass

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Diamond Glass 10″ Clone Colored Mouthpiece Beaker Water Pipe deserves a special place in your pipe set. And it is the perfect incentive to start collecting dab rigs immediately. Visit our online headshop for all your instantaneous purchases!



Do you want your hits to be gentler and smooth? Diamond Glass 10″ Clone Colored Mouthpiece Beaker Water Pipe is the perfect option for you to go with.

This item will, without a doubt, astonish you and your friends to complete and absolute surprise. Do not miss the chance to order from our online headshop!




Diamond Glass




Black, Blue, Green, Jade, Pink, Smokeblack, Teal, Topazine

Base Type


Product Type

Bong and Water Pipe

Neck Type



Borosilicate Glass


  1. Aleksander Price (verified owner)

    The Clone Colored Mouthpiece Beaker Water Pipe has become my go-to for relaxation. The mouthpiece is not only colorful but also comfortable. The beaker base design is a classic for a reason—it delivers smooth, zen-like hits that help me unwind after a long day.

  2. Zak Douglas (verified owner)

    This water pipe delivers some smooth clouds! The colored mouthpiece is not just for looks; it’s comfortable to use. It’s great for solo sessions or passing around with friends. Just a heads up, it could use a slightly wider base for added stability.

  3. Alexander Chambers (verified owner)

    I enjoy the chill vibes this water pipe brings to my sessions. It’s compact and easy to use. The only downside is that it’s a bit on the smaller side, which may not suit those who prefer larger pieces. But for me, it’s just the right size.

  4. Willie Ali (verified owner)

    This beaker water pipe is a solid choice for those who appreciate aesthetics and functionality. The colorful mouthpiece adds a fun twist to your sessions. It’s easy to clean, and the hits are clean and crisp. Just be careful; it’s a bit delicate, so handle with care!

  5. Dillan Mcknight (verified owner)

    The Clone Colored Mouthpiece Beaker Water Pipe is a flavor chaser’s dream come true! The glass quality is excellent, and it doesn’t interfere with the taste of your herbs. The colors are a bonus, making every smoke session a visual treat.

  6. Shreya Dale (verified owner)

    As a plant enthusiast, I couldn’t resist the Clone Colored Mouthpiece Beaker Water Pipe. It’s like a botanical wonderland in glass form! Smoking from it is a delight, and the beaker base provides stability. Plus, it’s a conversation starter at every smoke sesh.

  7. Eliana Harrington (verified owner)

    Wow, the Clone Colored Mouthpiece Beaker Water Pipe is a masterpiece! The vibrant colors and unique design caught my eye immediately. It hits like a dream, and the smoothness of each draw is unparalleled. It’s not just a water pipe; it’s a work of art.


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