16″ Ratched x Sphere Perc Water Pipe by Diamond Glass

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Looking for a bong that provides the smoothest and most delicate hits available?  The 16″ Ratched x Sphere Perc Water Pipe by Diamond Glass will be an excellent option. The ideal pipe combines exceptional beauty and high quality.

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16″ Ratched x Sphere Perc Water Pipe by Diamond Glass provides one-of-a-kind water filtration mechanism. You can get a preview of the silky and tasty sensation you’ll have when the terpene-infused vapor you’re inhaling goes through a turbulent spin cycle. Do not miss your chance to order this work of art from our online headshop!



Diamond Glass




Black Sea Green, Jade, Violet, White Pink

Percolator Type

Ratched, Sphere

Joint Size


Joint Type



Borosilicate Glass

Base Type

Wide Round

Neck Type



  1. Moses Kelly (verified owner)

    This water pipe is a true work of art! The aesthetics are mind-blowing, and the sphere perc adds an extra layer of beauty and function. It’s like observing a glass symphony while you smoke. If you appreciate craftsmanship and design, the Ratchet x Sphere Perc Water Pipe by Diamond Glass is a must-have.

  2. Charley Barber (verified owner)

    The Ratchet x Sphere Perc Water Pipe is a functional work of art. The design is captivating, and it’s a conversation piece for any gathering. The hits are pure and smooth, and the build quality is exceptional. Just make sure your setup can accommodate its height.

  3. Denise Cole (verified owner)

    The Ratchet x Sphere Perc Water Pipe offers a zen-like smoking experience. It’s user-friendly and consistently delivers smooth hits. The only caveat is its height; you’ll need a tall, stable surface to enjoy it fully. Nevertheless, it’s a top-tier piece for enthusiasts.

  4. Melvin Welsh (verified owner)

    This water pipe is a cloud generator! The sphere perc provides incredible diffusion, resulting in thick, velvety clouds of smoke. The ratchet design is practical, making it a breeze to clean. Just be mindful of the height; it’s tall, so ensure you have enough room.

  5. Lewis Whitney (verified owner)

    This water pipe brings nature indoors! The sphere perc resembles a flowing river, and each draw feels like a breath of fresh air. Cleaning is a breeze, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. Diamond Glass has struck the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

  6. Jim Obrien (verified owner)

    If you’re a dab enthusiast, you need this water pipe in your collection. The sphere perc ensures optimal flavor preservation, and the ratchet stem offers precise control over airflow. It’s a match made in heaven for concentrate connoisseurs. Diamond Glass has truly outdone themselves.

  7. Keira Jennings (verified owner)

    The 16″ Ratchet x Sphere Perc Water Pipe is a true masterpiece! Diamond Glass has combined artistry with functionality. The sphere perc creates the smoothest hits imaginable, and the ratchet design is both visually striking and easy to use. It’s like taking a journey through clouds with every toke.


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