19mm Nectar Collector With Tree Perc + Titanium & Quartz Tip



The 19mm Nectar Collector With Tree Perc is crafted for concentrate enthusiasts seeking a powerful and sophisticated dabbing experience. This model features a tree perc, elevating the filtration process to deliver smoother and cooler hits. With both titanium and quartz tips included, users can personalize their sessions based on heating preferences and flavor nuances.



Key Features:

Advanced Filtration with Tree Perc: The incorporation of a tree perc in the design enhances water filtration by diffusing vapor through multiple arms or “branches.” This intricate filtration system improves the cooling process, resulting in exceptionally smooth and enjoyable dab hits.

Generous 19mm Size: The larger 19mm size caters to those who appreciate substantial hits during concentrate sessions. This size allows for a more significant amount of vapor, delivering an intense and satisfying experience.

Versatile Titanium and Quartz Tips: The 19mm Nectar Collector comes with both titanium and quartz tips, providing users with options for their dabbing preferences. Titanium tips are known for quick heating and efficient heat retention, while quartz tips offer a clean and pure flavor profile.

Portable and Convenient Design: Despite its larger size, the 19mm Nectar Collector maintains a design that is convenient and portable. This versatility makes it suitable for both at-home and on-the-go dabbing.

User-Friendly Assembly: Nectar Collectors are celebrated for their simplicity, and the 19mm model is no exception. Assembling the components is straightforward, allowing users to enjoy their concentrates without the need for complex setups.

Easy to Clean: The removable components of the 19mm Nectar Collector make it easy to disassemble and clean with the appropriate tools. Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining optimal performance and flavor.

How to Use:

Assemble the Nectar Collector: Connect the various components, including the mouthpiece, body, titanium or quartz tip, and the tree perc. Ensure a secure fit.

Add Water: Pour a moderate amount of water into the main chamber, being cautious not to overfill. The water enhances the cooling and filtration of the vapor.

Heat the Tip: Using a torch, heat the titanium or quartz tip until it reaches the desired temperature for dabbing. Allow the tip to cool briefly before use.

Dab Concentrates: Gently touch the heated tip to your chosen concentrate, allowing it to vaporize. Inhale through the mouthpiece to draw the vapor into the rig.

Clean and Store: After use, allow the Nectar Collector to cool down. Disassemble the components for cleaning using appropriate tools. Store the clean components for future use.

19mm Nectar Collector With Tree Perc: Elevate Your Concentrate Experience to New Heights!

The 19mm Nectar Collector With Tree Perc combines the reliability of Nectar Collectors with advanced water filtration through a tree perc. Designed for enthusiasts seeking intense and satisfying dab hits, this model delivers a sophisticated concentrate experience. With the choice between titanium and quartz tips, users can customize their sessions for optimal enjoyment. Elevate your concentrate experience to new heights with the 19mm Nectar Collector With Tree Perc. Order from our online headshop, Olofly!




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