Grav Classic Spoon Hand Pipe



The Grav Classic Spoon Hand Pipe is a compact and hand-size spoon that delivers fresh, clean, and pleasurable hits every time you use it. This high-quality, visually appealing handmade device is excellent for you and your herb-loving friends.

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The Grav Classic Spoon Hand Pipe, made of premium quality 25mm thick borosilicate glass, is the most magnificent bong you’ll ever have in your collection. The spoon is unique and unmatched because of its ash collection function, enabling users to avoid putting ash in their mouths when smoking. The bong is stable at high temperatures and is available in several colors. Check out our online headshop to place your order.

Grav Classic Spoon Hand Pipe Features and Specifications:

• Built-In Ash Catcher

• 4” Inches Long

• Thick 25mm Borosilicate Glass

• Deep Bowl

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Amber, Black, Blue, Fumed, Green, Lake Green, Lavender, Mint, Pink, Smoke, White


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