Grav Wave Bubbler Hand Pipe



The Grav Wave Bubbler Hand Pipe is the only wave you’ll always want to enjoy. This portable bubbler, designed with a compact shape to fit ideally in your hands, functions like no other bong to deliver you the smoothest and gentlest hits.

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The Grav Wave Bubbler Hand Pipe is handcrafted to make you feel like enjoying the ocean. This line of pipes is formed like a beautiful crystal wave and is available on our online headshop. Its fascinating design enables you to conveniently hold the pipe in your palm since it measures only 6.5 inches tall.

Grav Wave Bubbler Hand Pipe Features and Specifications:

• Includes 14mm Flower Bowl
• 6.5″ Tall
• GRAV Wave Design
• Handheld

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Amber, Clear, Light Cobalt


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