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Introducing the Huni Badger BlazeTip, an innovative heating wand designed to transform your Huni Badger into a flameless lighter. Dive into the details to understand why this ceramic tip is a game-changer for your smoking and lighting needs.


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Key Features:

• Patented Design: The BlazeTip is a patented heating wand that seamlessly integrates with your Huni Badger.

• Pure Taste: Crafted with high-grade ceramic, the heating circuitry ensures the purest taste, free from heavy metals.

• Easy Activation: A simple 5-click button activation initiates the heating cycle, with the BlazeTip glowing red within moments.

• Versatile Use: Beyond lighting cigars, cigarettes, and botanicals, its functionality extends to offering a flameless start for various materials.

Ways to Use Your BlazeTip:

• Lighting Essentials: Ideal for lighting cigars, cigarettes, and rolled botanicals without the need for a traditional flame.

• Spark Replacement: Act as a lighter replacement to produce a spark.

• Optimal Flavor Extraction: For an enhanced taste experience, gently hover the BlazeTip over your bowl (without direct contact) to extract the purest flavors.

Benefits Over Traditional Lighters:

• Maximum Flavor: Experience the authentic taste of your materials without the interference of butane or other contaminants.

• Eco-Friendly: Prioritize sustainability with a product that produces zero butane emissions.

• Cost-Effective: Save money in the long run by eliminating the need for disposable lighters and refills.

How to Use:

• Ensure your Huni Badger is compatible with the BlazeTip.

• Click the button five times to activate the BlazeTip.

• Wait a few seconds for the tip to glow red.

• Use as desired, either for lighting or for flavor extraction.

Perfect for You If:

• You’re seeking a cleaner, more flavorful experience without the drawbacks of traditional lighters.

• Eco-friendliness and sustainability are priorities in your smoking accessories.

• You want to invest in a durable and efficient heating alternative.

Upgrade your smoking experience with the Huni Badger Blaze Ceramic Tip. Whether you’re aiming for a cleaner taste, eco-friendly solution, or a cost-effective approach, this ceramic tip is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Embrace innovation and order yours today! Order from our online headshop, Olofly!




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