Ispire Cookies Daab


Ispire has collaborated with the iconic cannabis brand Cookies to develop the perfect collaboration e-rig. You will elevate your smoking experience to new heights with the long-lasting and portable Ispire Cookies Daab. The daab puts the power in your hands. Check out our online headshop to get this work of art at the best price.

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The Ispire Cookies Daab provides a safe, simple, and reliable dabbing experience. Because your concentrate is never loaded directly into this device, unlike other all-in-ones, the Daab is easier to clean and has a more extended use lifespan. The Daab combines induction heating and unique temperature settings to thoroughly bake you without using flames or fire. Furthermore, unlike other e-rigs, the Cookies Daab employs Ispire’s revolutionary all-glass channel to give the most flavorful hits while eliminating the need for an atomizer. Order this item on Olofly and discover many more advantages in practice.


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