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Ispire The Wand is a work of art you will never regret including in your collection. In our online headshop, you can order a magic wand that uses two replaceable 18650 batteries—no more wiring or flames. The future is in your hands, with temperature adjustment to the closest degree and induction heating.

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The Wand vaporizer from Ispire comes with all the essential attachments for concentrate use. The only other thing you’ll need is a bong or bubbler, your concentrates, and your purchase from Olofly without hesitation. This device has multiple advantages. Firstly, it can accompany you anywhere thanks to its adjustable temperature and changeable 18650 batteries. Secondly, its glass bowls and banger allow you to vaporize concentrates or flowers/resins in the most convenient and pleasurable way. Furthermore, the induction provided by Ispire The Wand enables pure heating that emits no flavor.

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