MJ Arsenal Apollo Mini Dab Rig (Orbital Series)


Let us all join in welcoming the MJ Arsenal Apollo Mini Dab Rig (Orbital Series) to the MJ Arsenal family! MJA never fails to impress with its latest mind-blowing innovations that revolutionize the bong industry. You will never regret making this purchase, so don’t miss the chance!

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The MJ Arsenal Apollo Mini Dab Rig (Orbital Series) is named after the Greek God of Medicine, so if you start using it, it will undoubtedly impress you by treating all your ills. What makes this bong so unique? This double ball puck perc rig was inspired by forms commonly observed in cosmic travel. The double ball design prevents splashback, making this small dab rig a winner. As a bonus, it’s crafted of high-quality borosilicate glass and comes with a 10mm quartz banger.

MJ Arsenal Apollo Mini Dab Rig (Orbital Series) Features and Specifications:

• Height: 7in

• Base width: 2.5in

• Glass mini dab rig

• 4mm borosilicate glass

• 10mm female ground joint

• 10mm quartz banger included

• A taller body and orb chamber prevent splashback


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