MJ Arsenal ISO Station


MJ Arsenal has designed a convenient MJ Arsenal ISO Station so your cotton swabs and cleaning solution will be easily accessible and ready when you need them for your next session.

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The MJ Arsenal ISO Station is a fantastic, stylish, and reliable container for all of your cleaning cotton swabs. Now, you can easily and efficiently maintain your quartz and borosilicate using the ISO station. Boost the flavor of your oils, extend the life of your rigs and do all this with the elegant ISO Station. A dab station like this is an absolute necessity if you dab frequently and want something that is neat, clean, and looks good.  Check out our online headshop to place your order at the best price.

MJ Arsenal ISO Station Features and Specifications:

• Dimensions: 2.25in x 3.25in x 2.25in

• Borosilicate glass

• Isopropyl alcohol container for swabs

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