Nectar Collector Doubler Core


The Nectar Collector Doubler Core is your ticket to an enhanced and efficient dabbing experience. This replacement glass core is designed to elevate your Nectar Collector Doubler, providing unparalleled convenience and performance.


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Key Features:

Replacement Glass Core: The Doubler Core is a dedicated replacement component designed specifically for the Nectar Collector Doubler. It ensures a seamless fit and optimum functionality.

Enhanced Dabbing: Elevate your dabbing sessions by incorporating the Doubler Core. It allows you to optimize the performance of your Nectar Collector Doubler, ensuring each hit is smooth, flavorful, and satisfying.

Precision Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Doubler Core reflects the high standards associated with the Nectar Collector brand. The glass construction ensures purity and preserves the natural flavors of your concentrates.

Compatibility: The Doubler Core seamlessly integrates with the Nectar Collector Doubler, offering a hassle-free replacement solution for users looking to maintain or upgrade their dabbing setup.

Easy to Install: Swapping out the Doubler Core is a straightforward process. Simply remove the existing core and replace it with the new one to enjoy a rejuvenated dabbing experience.

How to Install the Nectar Collector Doubler Core:

• Ensure your Nectar Collector Doubler is clean and free from any residues.

• Gently detach the existing glass core from the Doubler.

• Take the new Doubler Core and carefully insert it into the designated slot, ensuring a snug fit.

• Securely attach any additional components if required.

• Your Nectar Collector Doubler is now ready for use with the upgraded core.

Maintenance Tips:

• Clean the Doubler Core regularly to maintain optimal performance.

• Handle the glass core with care to prevent breakage.

• Use appropriate cleaning solutions and tools to remove any residues.

Upgrade Your Nectar Collector Doubler Today:

If you’re looking to enhance the performance of your Nectar Collector Doubler or need a reliable replacement, the Nectar Collector Doubler Core is the perfect solution. Elevate your dabbing experience with precision craftsmanship and seamless compatibility. Invest in the Doubler Core to ensure every dab is a flavorful and satisfying delight. Order from our online headshop, Olofly!

Note: The Nectar Collector Doubler Core is designed exclusively for use with the Nectar Collector Doubler. Ensure compatibility before making your purchase.




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