Pax Concentrate Insert


Achieve a higher level of effectiveness of your PAX devices using the Pax Concentrate Insert with your concentrates. It is compatible with both the PAX 3 and the PAX Plus. This product is incompatible with PAX 1, PAX 2, or PAX Mini.

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The PAX Vaporizer comes with a concentrate attachment known as the Pax Concentrate Insert, which immediately transforms the vaporizer into an impressive concentrate vaporizer. Once you have tried it, you will want to continue utilizing it whenever possible. You will find that having a replacement or spare genuine concentrate insert available to you will be pretty convenient.

It is important to remember to clean the concentrate insert of your vaporizer regularly. It’s not hard to clean. To thoroughly clean it, use an alcohol-soaked pipe cleaner and a touch of isopropyl alcohol. Order from our online headshop by a simple button click.


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