Puffco Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass


The Puffco Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass is perfectly deserving of finding a unique spot in your pipe collection or establishing a bong collection right away with its fantastic device.

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Designed by glassblower Ryan Fitt, the Puffco Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass is made from recycled glass. Featuring an exterior intake tube and a fluted inner funnel, this unique bong is one of a kind. Furthermore, it is capable of handling a greater volume of water and better filtration. It is certain that your strikes with this innovative device will be gentle and smooth. Hurry up to order from our online headshop!

Puffco Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass Features and Specifications:

• Greater water volume and improved filtration

• Smoother vapor

• More consistent hits

• Fluted inner-funnel

• External intake tubes


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