Purple Punch | OG Kush | Gushers Cactus Labs Six Shooter D9o

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Purple Punch | OG Kush | Gushers Cactus Labs Six Shooter D9o provides unmatched customization and simplicity of use. This disposable vape pen has 3 strains of choice and 6 grams of top-quality delta-9o distillate, also known as THC-O. You may purchase a Delta 9o Disposable Device from our online headshop.


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You may change the strain you’re smoking on the fly with the flip of a switch. It’ll provide a unique and personalized vaping experience. You may choose from 3 different strain combinations while using the Purple Punch | OG Kush | Gushers Cactus Labs Six Shooter D9o, guaranteeing that there is always a fresh flavor to enjoy.

The Cactus Labs Six Shooter Delta 9o is a must-have for every hemp aficionado, and it’s ideal for smokers who are always on the move or who want to try out new strains. Purchase Six Shooter Delta 9o disposable device as soon as possible from our online head store.

How to use:

  • Remove the device from its packaging.
  • Remove the silicone cap from the mouthpiece.
  • Place the mouthpiece into your mouth.
  • To turn it on press the button on the device 5 times (the button is on the side of the device.)
  • Select the strain you want to vape by flicking the switch located at the bottom of the device.
  • You can choose from 3 different strain combinations.
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy the vaping experience.
  • The device will automatically turn off after 8 seconds of continuous use.
  • If you want to continue vaping, simply click the button twice in quick succession to activate the continuous vaping mode.





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  1. Karley Trevino

    This vape rocks! Tastes great, and gets me nice n stoney.

  2. Ervin Paxton

    We got this for my brother, and he loves it we got him 2.

  3. Kalen Tam

    Great product. Gets me stoned and relaxed in minutes!

  4. Kelsea Wiley

    Awesome vape dudes, very strong and flavorful!!! highly recommended

  5. Babygirl Colbert

    I was not really satisfied with the effects…

  6. Lane Hannon

    The flavour is amazing. Really helps w stress and anxiety

  7. Robert Compton

    Tastes great and a nice high

  8. Rickey Wenzel

    I’m so in love with these! Not only the perfect high but the quality of the pens is also worth mentioning.

  9. Brody Christiansen

    First time purchasing and I must say “I am wayyyyy passed SATISFIED” Great Vape, Great Taste and what a Wonderful Feeling.

  10. Michael Kaye

    The pen gives you that perfect high like not too high but high enough to feel good I would definitely recommend this to any new smoker.

  11. Magaly Montano

    Smooth draw, no harshness on the throat and the flavor is great!

  12. Devonte Cutler

    10/10 keeps relaxed through the day.

  13. Robert Womack

    Love this pen would definitely buy again. My new favorite vape.

  14. Raelyn Straub

    I love it so much it’s great for just throughout the day


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