RAW Classic Creaseless Kingsize Slim


The RAW Classic Creaseless Kingsize Slim papers have an assortment of plant fibers that have not been bleached and are finished with a completely natural tree sap gumline. Order from our online headshop with a simple button click!

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Each sheet in RAW Classic Creaseless Kingsize Slim is watermarked with oRAW’s patented crisscross impression, which aids in preventing runs and ensures the burn remains as smooth as possible. Due to the fact that RAW Classic Creaseless Paper is a natural paper that makes use of a really natural tree-sap gum, the gumline may exhibit a very tiny curl in conditions of low humidity. The cure consists of just exhaling on the gumline while holding the paper taut.

RAW paper is manufactured from unprocessed plant fibers and has no additives that can be burned.


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