RAW Classic Lean Cones


RAW‘s Classic Lean preroll cones are one of a kind because of their innovative flavoring system, which works by minimizing the amount of surface area exposed to the flame during the combustion process (the ember). RAW paper is manufactured from raw plant fibers and has no additives that are burned during production.

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RAW Classic Lean Cones are a one-of-a-kind hand-rolled smoke that sets itself apart from the competition. Lean cones are the same length as a RAW Classic King Size Cone (110mm) but are skinnier with a more extended tip. Lean cones are available in various flavors (check out our cone size chart at the bottom of the page for more info). The flavor is radically distinct compared to a conventional “fat cone,” which has a greater surface area in the ember (the burning section). Because of its extreme leanness, the RAW Classic Lean Cone requires a spiral tip to be hand-rolled for every one. They are a specialized type of cone that many smokers regard as their all-time favorite.

The RAW Classic Lean Cones can be purchased in a 20-Cone Pack or a Bulk Box containing 800 Individual Cones.

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