RAW Cone Rolling Machine 110mm


RAW‘s most recent rolling accessory is an environmental RAW Cone Rolling Machine, which is 110mm wide (4.3in) and works well with any King Size and 1¼ RAW Rolling Papers. Anyone may now roll a RAW cone-shaped joint. This one-of-a-kind roller also comes with “how to roll” instructions to get you started.

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What distinguishes the RAW Cone Rolling Machine is not just what it performs but also what it is built of. RAW introduced us to the world’s first rolling machine made of natural hemp composite plastic! The environmentally friendly hemp plastic was developed and engineered in Germany. This roller is also made to last, making it genuinely eco-friendly.

You can save money on pre-rolls since almost anybody can roll a perfect king-size cone joint with this rolling machine. You’re good for life if you read the directions and practice a few times. It almost feels like cheating to roll a beautiful cone so easily. Almost.

This, like other RAW Rolling Papers and stuff sold at Olofly, is certified authentic!


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