RAW Cone Snuffer


The RAW Cone Snuffer was thoughtfully designed to make it simpler to put out the ignited concentrate and store your partials. Don’t pass up the chance to purchase this item at the most affordable price from our online headshop!

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The RAW Cone Snuffer features one massive hole in the middle with a reverse conical shape that can be utilized to put out your joint in a gentle manner. Additionally, it features four circular tap points that can be used to scrape off extra ash (which can be used while smoking or before snuffing). After snuffing, place your cone in a secure position above the Snuffer. Additionally, the RAW Cone Snuffer rounds off the package with a bottom magnet that allows it to firmly attach itself to any RAW metal rolling trays or ashtrays. RAW didn’t just create a snuffer; rather, they took things to the next level, which is something RAW is known for doing.


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