RAW Integra 57% Humidity Control Packs


Together with the industry leader in humidification, Integra, RAW has released a limited edition BOOST product they’re calling RAW Humidity Control, which comes in 8-gram packets. These packets, covered in unbleached RAW paper, are tuned to a precise 57% humidity for the herb, guaranteeing a great roll and smoke. Just perfect—neither too wet nor too dry.

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RAW Humidity Control utilizes a pending patent for 2-way humidity management technology that avoids humidity spikes and minor swings in humidity, protecting your herbs from losing any oils, taste, or character. Ideal for both long-term storage and drying and curing.

In contrast to Boveda, RAW Humidity Control is a fully salt-free product. There are no chemicals, and all ingredients are permitted for culinary use. Even the paper packaging is now unbleached and food-safe. Who wants a soiled, handled package sitting next to their fresh herbs?

Each individually-sealed RAW Humidity Control pack comes with a Humidity Indicator Card so that you always know when you need a new pack, guaranteeing that the freshness and scent are always preserved. Place it against the side of the jar, and there is no need to open and inspect it. Keep it tight!

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