RAW Organic Hemp Artesano Kingsize Slim


RAW‘s Artesano pack is the pinnacle of rolling paper packaging. Rolling papers, tips, and a spring-loaded pop-out rolling tray are included in each RAW Organic Hemp Artesano Kingsize Slim package. Using a clever paper fold-over method, RAW created the complete and unique pack’s closure.

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RAW’s newly released RAW Organic Hemp Artesano Kingsize Slim papers are definitely one of a kind because they come with everything that is required to roll your cigarettes. The RAW Organic Artesano King Size is a convenient 3-in-1 system that comprises King Size (110mm) papers, tips, and a paper rolling tray, all of which are included within a single, convenient box. It is more convenient to carry with you since the pack’s exterior packaging contains folds that hold everything together and keep it from falling apart. RAW is created from hemp that has not been bleached and contains no chlorine. This product is entirely natural. Hurry up to order from our online headshop!


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RAW Rolling Papers


hemp paper, Natural

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Rolling Paper


110mm x 44mm


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