The RAWlings designed these RAW ProTips for use with their massive PHATTY rolls and wild customized rolls. Extreme devices like the RAW Smokable Bicycle and the RAW Crossbow, which are fire-burning cones, are made possible with the help of these tips used by professional Rollers. Professional smokers can think of these suggestions as the equivalent of latte art for baristas. Order from our online headshop with a simple button click!

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As you would expect from RAW Rolling Papers, each RAW ProTip is crafted from the same natural, unprocessed paper as their standard unbleached tips. This is the kind of quality that you can only get from RAW Rolling Papers. It is not very thick and can be rolled up with little difficulty. The unique feature of these Pro Tips is that they allow the daring roller to go large whenever required, setting them apart from other similar products. During the regular daily session, these filter tips can be readily decreased from the enormous Pro tip to the standard size RAW Unbleached Tips at the perforations. Regardless of how you choose to roll, you do not need to worry about being exposed in any scenario.

There are 21 Pro Tips in each pack, equivalent to 84 standard-sized tips, and 24 Pro Tips packs inside each box.


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