18″ Tsunami Sprinkler Donut Perc Water Pipe



The Tsunami Sprinkler Donut Perc Water Pipe 18″ is one of Tsunami’s most cutting-edge creations, and it’s perfect for big bowls and heavy hits from the flower. To add an extra touch of class to this exquisite tabletop design, a pyramid sprinkler diffuser and a large doughnut perc have been included in its construction. The combination of the big, multi-level ice pinch and the Marias on the neck creates a fantastic splash guard.Comes with a female flower bowl.

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Most likely, you have never seen something quite like the Tsunami Sprinkler Donut Perc Water Pipe 18″ before. The exquisitely crafted water pipe will take you on a voyage with hits that are eventually filtered. With a sprinkler percolator, your puff begins with a cold, bubbling water infusion. The doughnut percolator circulates your smoke for further filtering and a visually appealing display. You will receive a clean, mild hit that is really pleasant. And if you desire additional cold, no problem. The Tsunami Sprinkler Donut also features ice cube positioning notches. An extra-thick, round, solid foot and a rimmed mouthpiece provide maximum comfort for this item. Hurry up to order from our online headshop!


Additional information


Tsunami Glass


Clear Amber, Clear Blue, Clear Green

Product Type

Bong and Water Pipe


Borosilicate Glass



Percolator Type

Sprinkler Donut

Base Type

Wide Round

Neck Type



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