Vector Fiercer Single Flame Torch Lighter



Introducing the latest addition to the Vector family of top-quality lighters – the Vector Fiercer Single Flame Torch Lighter. Despite its small size, this lighter packs a powerful punch with its single flame jet torch. It’s perfect for lighting cigars on top of mountains and other high-altitude locations, with a maximum altitude limit of up to 12,000 feet.

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The Vector Fiercer Single Flame Torch Lighter flame feature also makes it versatile for everyday use. Additionally, it boasts a flame extender to provide extra protection from burns and to reach deep into your smoking device. Its compact size of W 1.21″ x L 0.50″ x H 3.00″ ensures it fits perfectly in your pocket, making it convenient to carry with you everywhere you go. Whether you’re a cigar aficionado or simply need a reliable lighter for everyday use, the Vector Fiercer Single Flame Torch Lighter is a must-have. Order from our online headshop!

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Black Matte/04, Cooper Gold Satin, Metallic Blue/06


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