Exxus Snap VV Review

Exxus Vape developed Exxus Snap VV to meet the demands of vapers seeking a discreet device that still packs a punch. They came up with a powerful system with enhanced functionality compared to its predecessor, the Exxus Snap, all packed into a sleek, compact vaporizer.

Read our Exxus Snap VV review to learn how the device operates and what to know about it ahead of time. 


How to Use Exxus Snap VV?

The Exxus Snap VV can be purchased at any reputable online headshop. It is a one-button operated system with four different voltage settings to adjust to your preferences. The magnetic connector is perfect for keeping the cartridge in place. 

It comes with two-size magnetic adapters for fitting other pre-loaded cartridges.

Here is what the package includes:

  • Snap VV Vaporizer
  • Micro USB cable
  • 1 large magnetic ring
  • 1 small magnetic ring
  • Glass Cartomizer
  • Exxus Snap 380 mAh battery
  • User manual

Charge the device for 2 hours before you first use it, and do not charge over 60 minutes because it can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan.

The LED light goes red when charging. When finished, it powers off. When not used, the device will be in standby mode.

introduction Exxus Vape Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer

To use it, remove the mouthpiece from the cartomizer. Fill it up with oil. On the bottom, attach the chosen magnetic ring and put the mouthpiece back on. Position the cartridge so it falls in perfectly.

5 clicks will turn on the Exxus Snap VV. Press the button 3 times to go through the 4 settings of voltage indicated by different light colors – 3.4V blue, 3.6V green, 3.8V yellow, and 4.0V red.

For the preheating option, click twice very fast. It’s a 12-second preheat cycle that you can stop by pressing the power button once.

Finally, press and hold the button to draw. Preheating the oil adds to the flavor and power of the hit, but you need to be careful with high voltage settings as the oil will burn out quickly and you might end up with a dry hit. 


The Exxus Snap VV stands 3” tall and 1” wide, making it a perfect fit into your hand or pocket. Pack it in your bag to enjoy a vape any time any place thanks to its stealth size, pre-loaded cartridges, and long-lasting battery.


  • Pre-heat time 12 seconds
  • Variable voltage 3.4V blue, 3.6V green, 3.8V yellow, 4.0V red
  • Designed for pre-loaded cartridges
  • Magnetic connectors
  • Lithium battery 380 mAh
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Stealth and portable 

It is powered by a micro USB cable and, as with all Exxus batteries, it can last through several vaping sessions. You won’t have to worry about power on a day spent in nature or a long night out.

The two magnetic rings can adapt the device to different size cartridges and keep them firmly in place. It’s super easy to change the cartridge so this feature gives you the freedom to fill up with your own oil and pack a few other options you want to try out.

The four voltage settings let you play with the volume and throat hit of your vapes. The inside is made of ceramics which holds heat for prolonged periods allowing you to produce massive clouds of vapor with every single draw.

Exxus Vape Snap VV Pro Cartridge Vaporizer 4


For a device of this size, power, and versatility of use, $40US seems a small price to pay. Exxus Snap VV definitely stands out in the category of oil cartridge vaporizers with its features and asking price.


Exxus Snap VV is excellent value for money with features and power rarely seen in devices of this size. It is made of quality ceramics, metal, and glass, so it’s guaranteed to last for a long time. It comes in 8 colors and with the option to change pre-loaded cartridges is perfect for travel and gives you a no-hassle experience. Plus, the 4 voltage settings ensure huge vapor production and a rich flavor.


What is the small magnetic ring used for?

You can use the small magnetic ring with cartridges that are larger than 1ml. 

How to change a cartridge in the Exxus Snap VV?

If you want to use a different cartridge, you should remove the old one first. Depending on size, use the bigger or smaller magnetic ring to connect it to the pen.  

How to clean the Exxus Snap VV?

Remove all parts of your Exxus Snap VV and use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs to clean each piece separately. Let it dry off and reassemble.

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