The Pros and Cons of Using Nectar Collectors

In 2011, a genius glass artist named Kristian Merwin invented a new way of smoking concentrates—nectar collecting. The nectar collectors are tiny dab rigs that look like glass straws from the future. They also go by the names honey straws and dab collectors.

For those unfamiliar with this smoking method, honey straws are very simple to use. You heat the tip with a torch and gently touch the substance. 

Your concentrate or herbs will instantly vaporize, and their vapor will go upwards toward the mouthpiece. So, just like bees collect their honey, dab collectors draw directly from a concentrate or a dry herb.

It sounds pretty cool, but like with everything in life, dab collectors have pros and cons. Read below to learn how to ensure a safe dab collecting session.

Nectar Collector Pros & Cons

  • Practical & portable;
  • Attractive design;
  • Easy to use;
  • Fewer components than dab rigs.


  • Many cheap rip-off products;
  • Fixed temperatures;
  • Easier to break.

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How To Use a Nectar Collector Without a Torch?

We suggest you use a torch to heat the tip of your honey straw. However, there are always other ways. For example, you can also use your gas or electric stoves. 

Simply pick up the collector’s tip with tongs and hold it above your burner. Rotate the tip as it heats, and continue doing so until it turns red. This process takes a few minutes.

Can You Smoke Bubble Hash With a Nectar Collector?

Yes, you can use a nectar collector to smoke bubble hash. However, it depends on the hash’s genetics, quality, curing, trichome size, and melt factor. So, it’s best to consult with your sellers on whether you can dab your bubbly hash.

In addition, honey straws can get damaged when people misuse them, especially for more complex substances like bubble hash. That’s why we recommend pressing your bubble hash into rosin.

How To Get Reclaim Out of a Nectar Collector?

Whether you use honey straws or classic dab rigs, getting reclaim is one of the most satisfying parts. Reclaiming with a dab collector is easy, and there are many ways to do this. The best one is placing the tip or the mouthpiece above a ceramic, glass, or metallic plate and reheating it until the reclaim starts dripping.

Remember that the reclaim on your collector might not be safe for reuse. The main reason is that you’ve already burnt the reclaim, resulting in releasing toxic substances.

How Long Should You Heat a Nectar Collector?

The more you heat your collector, the more intense hit you will get. However, we always encourage playing it safe. Therefore, we recommend heating as little as possible to avoid damaging your collector and take small but enjoyable hits.

A general rule of thumb is to heat glass tips for three to five seconds and titanium ones for 15 to 25 seconds until they develop an orange tint. After that, wait for ten to 30 seconds for the glass tips to cool down before using them to vape up your substances.

You can achieve the desired heat for quartz within five to ten seconds. Quartz can withstand temperatures of around 1472 F, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the tip. However, since it can’t retain temperatures for a long time, you will probably have to reheat it multiple times during your session.  

How To Fill a Nectar Collector With Water?

Like regular dabbing, nectar collecting filters out the vapor with water before it enters your lungs. To keep things hygienic, you need to replace the water even if you don’t use it all in one session. 

Simply remove the tip and fill the water chamber until it’s half full. You should also tighten up all components afterward.

Can You Use a Nectar Collector օn Crumble?

Yes, you can use a honey straw for smoking crumble. Just make sure to place the crumble in a container that won’t melt like ones made of ceramic or glass. 

How Much Do Nectar Collectors Cost?

Nectar straws are very affordable, especially if we consider their various benefits. The average price is around $25, but you can also find collectors for $9 and $120. 

Keep in mind that the price says a lot about quality. It’s best to spend a few bucks for a tested collector by reputable manufacturers than regret your low-cost purchase later.

Is a Glass or Metal Nectar Collector Better?

There is no one best collector. Everything depends on your needs and preferences. However, most people who use collectors prefer glass as it gives a purer flavor. 

On the other hand, metal collectors are more practical and durable. They are tougher to break than glass collectors. 

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